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Moisture Mud Foot Soak for Nail Techs

Moisture Mud Foot Soak for Nail Techs

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Moisture Mud Foot Soak is a luxurious pedicure and manicure product made with essential oils to soften skin, reduce stress and relax tired feet. The soothing mud thickens in water, providing a warm, apple-sauce-like texture, while stimulating the senses and restoring balance. Enjoy the sensory experience of this cosmetically perfect mud and achieve smoother feet with every use.



In a footbath or large container, add 1 packet of your favorite fragrance MOISTURE MUD crystals to 1.5 gallons of your preferred temperature of warm water . Note, the more water added, the thinner the mud will be.

Submerge feet fully into the footbath and gently mix; the water will take a few minutes to fully thicken into a thick mud. Soak your feet for 20 minutes. Calluses will be soft enough to remove with a pumas stone. Toe nails will be easy to cut and cuticles will be easy to push back.

To finish, add a packet the SOUTION while your feet are still in the Mud. Wiggle your feet around to mix well. The MOISTURE MUD will return into a liquid consistency like orange juice with pulp. (Not all the granules will dissolve). Rinse feet with water water and discard down the drain followed by a rinse of HOT water.

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