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Blow Dryer made by B&C

Blow Dryer made by B&C

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Specifications of BC-6804 Picture "[1] Full form of BLDC motor is a Brushless DC motor. For BLDC motor there is no brush use between rotor and stator for transferring electricity supply, so it's called BLDC (Brushless DC motor) Advantages of Brushless DC Motors
1. Electronic commutation is the traditional mechanical commutation, stable performance, no wear, low failure rate.
2. It is a static motor with low quiescent current.
3. High efficiency.
4. Small size.
5. The speed of a brushless motor is determined by the frequency at which the current is supplied, not the voltage. more efficient.
6. The absence of brushes increases efficiency with less mechanical energy loss due to friction.
7. BLDC motors can operate at high speed in any condition.
8. No sparking during operation and much less noise.
9. More electromagnets can be used in the stator for more precise control.
10. BLDC motors accelerate and decelerate easily due to their low rotor inertia.
11. High-performance motors that deliver large torque per cubic inch over a vast speed range.
12. BLDC motors have more reliable, longer life expectancy and maintenance-free operation.
13. No ionization sparks are generated in the commutator, and electromagnetic interference is also reduced.
14. These motors are cooled by conduction and do not require airflow for internal cooling.
It can help reduce static electricity by generating negative ions, and shorten the drying time. BC-6804 can generate more than 20 million negative ions when using." Motor [1] High Speed BLDC Motor, 110,000 RPM Attachments "1 magnetic nozzle, 1 magnetic diffuser, 1 cleaning brush" Weight 0.8lb Cable Length 9ft Height 7.9in Length 9.0in Width 2.1in Air Flow 23.5l/s [2]Negatives Ions Help reduce frizz Power/Heat Setting 4 heat, 3 speed Power 1,800W "Main Function " "Intelligent heat control system, memory function (temperature & wind speed), COOL shot function, auto-cleaning function, temperature & wind speed lock" "Remark:
1. Please kindly noted that the data above are calculated by conversion to U.S unit according to the unit we use regularly.
2. Height, Length and Width are not including attachments."


  • Motor: High-Speed BLDC Motor, running at 110,000 RPM. BLDC stands for Brushless DC motor, which offers several advantages, such as stable performance, high efficiency, and long life expectancy. It eliminates the need for brushes, reducing wear and the risk of sparking.

  • Attachments: It comes with 1 magnetic nozzle, 1 magnetic diffuser, and 1 cleaning brush.

  • Weight: The hair dryer weighs 0.8 pounds, making it lightweight and easy to handle.

  • Cable Length: The power cord is 9 feet long, providing flexibility in movement during use.

  • Dimensions:

    • Height: 7.9 inches
    • Length: 9.0 inches
    • Width: 2.1 inches
  • Air Flow: The air flow rate is 23.5 liters per second.

  • Negative Ions: The hair dryer is equipped with a feature to generate negative ions, which can help reduce frizz in your hair and potentially shorten the drying time.

  • Power/Heat Settings: It offers 4 heat settings and 3 speed settings, giving you flexibility to adjust the temperature and airflow according to your hair type and styling preferences.

  • Power: The hair dryer has a power rating of 1,800 watts, which provides a strong airflow for efficient drying.

Main Functions:

  • Intelligent Heat Control System: This system likely helps regulate the temperature to prevent overheating and damage to your hair.

  • Memory Function: It can remember your preferred temperature and wind speed settings for convenience.

  • COOL Shot Function: Allows you to use a burst of cool air to set your hairstyle in place.

  • Auto-Cleaning Function: This feature could help keep the hair dryer clean and maintain its performance.

  • Temperature & Wind Speed Lock: You can lock your chosen settings in place to avoid accidental changes during use.

Please note that the specifications provided are based on the conversion to U.S. units. The hair dryer appears to be a versatile tool for drying and styling your hair with various features designed for efficiency and convenience.

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